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295 Central Park West
New York, NY, 10024
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New York State Licensed Psychologist in New York City, located on the Upper West Side, Central Park West.  Psychotherapy, both traditional and specialized, for individual and relationship counseling.  Adlerian Psychoanalysis, Reichian Orgone Therapy, Frankl Logotherapy, and Jungian Analysis. 


Dr. Arthur Janov,  founder of Primal Therapy died last month in Los Angeles. 

As regards to his development of Primal Therapy, I feel ambivalent. On the one hand, thank you for having the courage to  develop a revolutionary approach to  therapy and not just stay stuck in the status quo. Thanks for your intuitive sense and emphasizing feeling and expression.

On the other hand, thanks, but no thanks for your misunderstanding of Orgonomy and Reichian Therapy and your not acknowledging Reich or others. No thanks for your disgarding and minimizing the all important sense of transference and the therapeutic relationship and not being more open to genuine spiritualiy (A criticism that holds for Reich as well).

I plan to write a longer exploration of Primal, orgonomic and their overconnection to medical models and "cure." The concept of "post-pimal" is similar to Reich's "genital character." Perhaps our great grandchildren, if we survive, can speak of "cure."

At any rate, rest in peace Art.






Brian Leggiere

I usually inform my patients    that    therapy     will     have periods     which      are    painful,    frightening      and     difficult.     It    will     require      an     expenditure     of     time,     effort   and     courage.      At     times     people     associate      Reichian-based     therapies      with    a macabre     scene     of    black and blue marks     and     B-movie    screaming!      

Strangely,     the    advice     has    not     discouraged anyone from    beginning this journey.  Perhaps they know on some deep level that it is a truth that effective therapy   requires expression    of     some    painful     aspects    of     themselves      which     have     been    buried     and    hidden     and that it   is     an    illusion     to think     one    can grow    whilst     ignoring     their      "shadow."     Or   perhaps,       they      really    don't    believe    me.


Intuitively      we   shrink     away    from   pain      because     it     is associated      with threat     and    danger.      Pain     is    not   always     negative,      however.     Many    walk    around     with   immobolized     and unfelt   parts     of     their   body    and begin     to feel pain    whn    the     area     is   mobilized     and     returns     to    "life."     This can be a welcome      sign.   Allhealing    modalities   speak    about    anaggrevation     or     temporary     re- emergence   of    older      disease       symptoms.     This is     common    in   classical      homeopathy,      acupuncture       and       orgonomic       therapy      among     other    systems.


Pain      indicates     a tension     or   internal     conflict.     The     pulse      of    life     has     been obstructed      or    contracted.      If      one     withdraws      pulse,     there is   no     experienced      pain,     but     there   is   a   loss      of      experience     and     limitation.      Thisis     akin      to   a   frostbitten       finger     that    is   not experienced      as painful        until     the    blood    flows     back       stronger     into     the     area    which    is   consciously   painful.      But     this   is an    expression   of      the     life     force     rather    than    the contraction      of     energy.


One       need     not     be frightened     of    the experience      of      physical    pain     if    it develops     in the   course     of     therapy    as     it     is   life-affirming.     Going     with    it    rather    than   contracting   and   inhibiting     the breathing     will   reduce    the fear     and      tension.      This      reminds     one    of    going     to     the    dentist      where   going    with    it rather   than resisting     makes   for    better healing    and    less     pain.      Orgonomic    therapy    is   ultimately     about    healing     and regaining   greater      awareness     not    masochism.