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295 Central Park West
New York, NY, 10024
United States

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New York State Licensed Psychologist in New York City, located on the Upper West Side, Central Park West.  Psychotherapy, both traditional and specialized, for individual and relationship counseling.  Adlerian Psychoanalysis, Reichian Orgone Therapy, Frankl Logotherapy, and Jungian Analysis. 


Dr. Arthur Janov,  founder of Primal Therapy died last month in Los Angeles. 

As regards to his development of Primal Therapy, I feel ambivalent. On the one hand, thank you for having the courage to  develop a revolutionary approach to  therapy and not just stay stuck in the status quo. Thanks for your intuitive sense and emphasizing feeling and expression.

On the other hand, thanks, but no thanks for your misunderstanding of Orgonomy and Reichian Therapy and your not acknowledging Reich or others. No thanks for your disgarding and minimizing the all important sense of transference and the therapeutic relationship and not being more open to genuine spiritualiy (A criticism that holds for Reich as well).

I plan to write a longer exploration of Primal, orgonomic and their overconnection to medical models and "cure." The concept of "post-pimal" is similar to Reich's "genital character." Perhaps our great grandchildren, if we survive, can speak of "cure."

At any rate, rest in peace Art.





Body Work and Transference (Why I Stopped Orgone Therapy with Female Pts)

Brian Leggiere

Those of us who do body therapies such as orgone therapy understand the power of such an approach and concomitantly its potential for misuse or difficulties.  Transference and counter- transference don't simply disappear when one does orgone therapy.  Rather they can be attenuated.

One must feel comfortable to be effective as a therapist/ healer as well as a patient.  Of course,  I must contain my feelings if I'm working with a female,  but I also might fee lconstrained if I wonder how they are experiencingbody work and construing it. 

While I used to work with females on an energetic/  bodily level,   I have not done so for about fifteen years and confine my work to the character analytic and classical forms of therapy.