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295 Central Park West
New York, NY, 10024
United States

(646) 258-5136

New York State Licensed Psychologist in New York City, located on the Upper West Side, Central Park West.  Psychotherapy, both traditional and specialized, for individual and relationship counseling.  Adlerian Psychoanalysis, Reichian Orgone Therapy, Frankl Logotherapy, and Jungian Analysis. 

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Art Janov Dies

Brian Leggiere

Dr.  Art   Janov   passed   away  on   october   1st    at   age   93.   I   will    write    a    detailed    exploration    of    the    relationship    of    Reichian    therapy    to  primal    process    soon.    Janov's    was    a    creative    synthesis    of    many    approaches,    notably    Reich's,     although    this    was    basically    unacknowledged    or    minunderstood.    i    liked    Janov's     revolutionary    zeal    and   structuring    the  early    therapy    intensives,  but    not  his    discarding    transference    and    the  therapeutic      relationship   and   his   repudiation    of     most    spiritual     directions    ( though    Reich    fits    this   criticism    as    well).

I  never    met   Art,    though    i    did  work    with   two    different    primal  therapists    and  i   am  currently    a  memeber   of   the  international    Primal    Association.


Rest   in   Peace   Arthur.