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295 Central Park West
New York, NY, 10024
United States

(646) 258-5136

New York State Licensed Psychologist in New York City, located on the Upper West Side, Central Park West.  Psychotherapy, both traditional and specialized, for individual and relationship counseling.  Adlerian Psychoanalysis, Reichian Orgone Therapy, Frankl Logotherapy, and Jungian Analysis. 


Psychotherapy - Traditional and Specialized | Reichian Orgonomic Therapy |  Logotherapy/ Jewish Shamanic Journeys | Wu and Sun Style Tai ChiChuan / Ba Gua






Orgone Therapy

Developed by Wilhelm Reich, MD Orgone therapy restores health and psychological balance through an emotional/bioenergetic approach to therapy. When you express and integrate your emotions more fully, health improves and has immense staying power. Reich’s approach involves “character-analysis,” and incorporates the whole personality and character (both physical as well as psychological), not just the psychic structure. Orgone therapy offers help with deep emotional issues. 

Orgone Therapy
Adlerian / Jungian Psychoanalysis

Logotherapy/ Adlerian Psychoanalysis
(Individual Psychology)

Adlerian psychoanalysis (also known as Individual Psychology) fosters a positive and equal relationship between men and women by unifying mind and body.  Dr. Adler's monumental ideas of social interest and cooperation, inferiority feelings and compensations and birth order/sibling relationships, have been absorbed into contemporary psychology,  often without acknowledgement.  

Logotherapy, as developed by Dr. Victor Frankl (a former student of Adler's), has often been referred to as "Adlerian therapy at its best."  It emphasizes the need for meaning and purpose in life as being important variables alongside the pleasure principle, will to power and instinctual satisfaction.  It serves as an adjunct for, not a replacement of, existing psychotherapies.  It connects very well with the shamanic focus on soul loss and retrieval and the healing power of self-transcendence.

The science of the mind can only have for its proper goal the understanding of human nature by every human being, and through its use, brings peace to every human soul.
— Alfred Adler
It all depends on how we look at things, and not how they are in themselves.
— Carl Jung